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EcoSan for the Kamp

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Chris Canaday chriscanaday

EcoSan for the Kamp

26/07/2018 at 12:30

I suggest you might like to recycle nutrients at the Kamp, while not wasting drinking water to transport excrement. So, I recommend applying Ecological Sanitation, in particular Urine-diverting Dry Toilets (see Wikipedia) and would be glad to advise you on this. Please start by reading my blog, inodoroseco.blogspot.com . Let me know if I can help.

It would be great to make UDDTs from plastic trash pulled out of the ocean and rivers.

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In reply to: EcoSan for the Kamp

25/11/2018 at 13:54

Yes to Urine reuse!  I piloted a urine based hydroponics in the past w some success (aquoponics for vegetarians : )  and would be interested in pushing the envelope to a larger size.  All nutrients came from urine w the exception of a little iron to supplement. My work is up on the StemNode wiki.  Anyone else is able to contribute. http://wiki.stemnode.org/index.php/Fertilizer_from_Urine

Around 80% of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium consumed by people is excreted in urine while almost none of the pathogens excreted are in urine. Urine separation also helps anaerobic digestion of feces to biogas because the methane producers are sensitive to the ammonia from urine.  It’s integrates well into a lot of  waste management strategies.

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