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Egypt needs to be rescued

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monica monicamourad

Egypt needs to be rescued

13/03/2018 at 23:00

i #love Egypt my country but the people here are unaware of the plastic waste and how is throwing our planet in fact some countries in the world have been throwing some of the wastes chemical waste radioactive wastes in Egypt in the deserts so I need you to atleast help me recycled plastic instead of throwing it or making people stop using it at all

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17/03/2018 at 22:23

I’m Egyptian too and i know exaclty what you mean but in order to change that we need to start then every one will follow us.I hope to talk with you more.Who knows we may start our workshop together. 🙂

10/04/2018 at 02:43

Hello I can feel you and I want to look if I can help you setting up in egypt. Cause my plan is to set up more than 1 in different places. But just started so I’m investigate and making the plan for this

10/04/2018 at 21:19

I was in Egypt this winter. The trash everywhere is so bad. In Dahab, there are a few anti plastic groups. There are trash dives and beach cleans. If you are going there you could look at the Don’t Mess With Dahab FB group. They organise trash clean ups and we took part in a trash art competition. I met someone there who is interested in setting up a Precious Plastic recycling style group. The trash is just dumped in the wadis. There was also a trash collection planned with camels in the national park. It just comes back though!

The problem is mainly with the tourists, Dahab was mainly Egyptian tourists while I was there. So many tourists drink so much water which comes in plastic bottles. I use a metal bottle and there were only 2 restaurants that would fill my water bottle. I was there for 5 weeks and only had to buy 2 plastic bottles. I was totally willing to pay for a refill as the water is not available like it is in my home of Scotland. As a tourist who makes a real effort not to use plastic it was a challenge. There were some discussions with hotels to install water machines in rooms and lobbys so that tourists can refill bottles.

Friends also rented out plates and cutlery as an alternative for people going to the Friday market as most of the amazing food there is served on polystyrene plates with plastic forks! Some people are trying but some people are all talk and no action. If you are going to be in Dahab I am happy to pass on these action people contacts.

Good luck. It is a big challenge.

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