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Energy Efficiency


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Taras petrowitch89

Energy Efficiency

26/05/2017 at 13:31

Hello community!
First of all sorry for my English.
Im newone, but the idea of recycling and energy efficiency wasnt new for me.
Not so long ago i have find Dave video about recycling plastic. and he is cool guy! thanks him for this great work!
But as you know not only ‘plasticwaste’ is great problem of our world. humans use every resourse thaey can and dond think about effects.
energy is generating from resourses as: wood/coal/atomic. there is a little amount of nature friendly energy resourses as solar- or wind- power.

After watching your videous about machines. My brain give me some ideas to improve efficiency.
First thing first there are many heatting elements in every machine(nor shreder). And they are not covered. That means when you work with them, they heat not only pipe with plastic, they also heat environment. You could consume less energy, if you cover all heating elements with insulation and make a body for them. it would be great thing. becuse of high temperatures for plastic melting it is great different between heater and environment and heater give away huge amount of energy.

another thing i was thinking about – wind power! Im talking about mechanic power of wind. Netherland is a motherland of wind power. And it is great! But in nowdays there too low of information about using mechanical wind power. Thats why we should make it!
the idea is very simple you just build vertical axis wind-mill. It is more compact then horizontal wind mill and more powerfull at lower speed (RPM). And use shaft to deliver energy for mechanism. just need to use some conector/disconector and you could shred you plastic for free!
And the other thing that you could generate electricity too
and every thong that you need to make it work is 1 used car from junk yard.
-batary block
-every shaft and some bearing

Ill put some illustrations on my idea here later.

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26/05/2017 at 13:43

Oh sory there is another thing.
You could say:
‘Why we should use mechanical power when we can make electricity and use it?’
‘because on every transformation you loose huge amount of energy!’

of course this method could not be used on machines that need constant velocity (e.g. extruder). but shreder could bepowered from it

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21/06/2017 at 09:14

I was thinking about that too (the thermal energy waste of the machines) and I’m always thinking how to make more efficent machines.
Here where I live, (Nuevo León, México) its 35°C and sunny the most of the days, so I’m trying to figure out how to use that big energy source to use less energy. Any ideas? If i come out with something i’ll let you know. Greetings from México!

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23/06/2017 at 07:45

that is not exacly what you are looking for but an idea parabolic mirror to concentrate solar energy.
You could make an metal container with water and surround it with mirrors. to boil water for free for example

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