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Energy – How to survive in Winter

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David Hordijk davidhordijk

Energy – How to survive in Winter

08/05/2019 at 22:37

So I like renewable energy. It’s supply fluctuates though. We could bridge days with batteries, but batteries are not a good option for storing energy for an entire season. It’s expensive and the capacity would have to be huge. Getting through winter thus poses a complex challenge. In winter, at least in the Netherlands, there’s almost no solar energy to harvest, because of shorter days and the incline of the sun.


So, what are we going to do? Storage options like hydrogen can be stored for seasonal differences, but they are wasteful in terms of energy.


Basically my question is, what would the entire energy system look like? I know there is seasonal thermal energy storage, which could help in this respect.


I would love to hear the communities’ thoughts on this!

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09/11/2019 at 01:26

Perfect for heating water, a green house and the floor of your tiny home is a “Biomeiler”, a simple compost energy. Cold water is rinning through kuper lines or a long tube and warmed up in the 65 degree warm compost heap. U can use  wood pieces, leaves, horse shit or other organic material and it costs really nothing and last for 12 month to 24 month.
Here is a filmlink:

The solar energy for cooking can melt plastic too.
Using a old satellite bowl and aluminum foil tape for it. This energy is absolutly free on sunny winter days.


09/11/2019 at 12:08

@ensifera Let’s talk numbers. How much are those installations able to produce?

09/11/2019 at 13:01


I know from a hotel that is heating 2000 liter water a day with a big compost of horse shit and wood. They use it for the showers, washingmachines, dish washer and the tap. This is it how it looks like(video is not so good)

Ive some data of a smaller Biomeiler
hight 3m                       floor   3.5m x 3m.
35 m³ woodpieces , 11 tons weight
2,5 kW for circa 12 month
a energypotential of 22,000kWh and 5-6 tons good compost soil in the end.

And a solar air heater is a good way for the winter too. They use it in mongolian yurts and it cost 12$ to build and makes 10 degrees more in the room.

I really wanna illustrate all of this good ideas and make videos for youtube, is there anybody else interested in joining?***   Greets, Laura

10/03/2020 at 17:49

Can micro-hydro electricity be a candidate?. Is the water freezing in Netherland? (Sorry I am Japanese) Hydroelectricity is green, reliable and safe, but can have an effect on nature. Open the link to find out more.  https://energyinformative.org/hydroelectric-energy-pros-and-cons/
This might be one candidate to be a candidate for this project, NOT HARMFUL TO NATURE 😀
I don’t know about costs, but maybe this can be our side-project…maybe?
I just wanted to add an idea.

11/03/2020 at 04:08

Can power up 60 homes per turbine, Looks good!

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