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European Meetup !

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Clovis Martin clovm

European Meetup !

11/12/2018 at 14:52

Hi guys and girls !
I’ve been registered on the forum for several months already and I’m following with a lot of attention what you people are doing around the world. I even started recovering different types of plastics in order to develop a local project.
I’m writing this post today because I’m organizing a trip through Europe from mid-january to mid-february and I would like to meet the members of our community of the cities I will be visiting (Labs, working spaces, …) : Brussels -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Warszawa (Warsaw) -> Vienna -> Prague -> Munich.
I’m planning to stay 4 or 5 days in each cities, so if anyone who is living in these cities wants to meet and show me what they are doing with plastics (machines construction, plastic recycling, …), let me know ! It would be a pleasure for me to come !
Feel also free to send me messages to give me advices, things to do in these cities, places to stay, …

Thank you Community !
Bisous from Paris !

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In reply to: European Meetup !

24/12/2018 at 16:42

We are near Munich… 120km approx.. Not finished machine but some tries … The letters with silicon mould…
You are welcome if needed
Precious regards

In reply to: European Meetup !

24/12/2018 at 20:40

Hi am Bamba, Ghanaian living in Italy,

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