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Extruder machine in Nashira ecovillage


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Sneyder sneyk

Extruder machine in Nashira ecovillage

07/06/2017 at 01:41

Hi everyone, I’m Sneyder and i wanna build all machines of precious plastic, i started wiht the extruder but i have problems for find the right materials, then i build with pieces found here in colombia, the first prototipe is made with a IDIN microgrant, later i came to Cali Makerspace and we adapted an arduino for control the motor and heater bands, in this moment with my friend robert we are made the shredder, and we wanna put the machines in Nashira eco-village for the comunity work whit the machines, the bigest challeng is found the parts with the same measure here is everything in inches.

More details soon.

Huges !! (sorry for my Englihs)

Hola a todos
Soy Sneyder y quiero fabricar las maquinas de precious plastic, eh empezado con la extrusora pero he tenido dificultades encontrando los materiales así que la he armado con lo que encontré aquí en Colombia, el primer prototipo lo fabrique con una beca IDIN, luego la lleve a Cali Makerspace y le hemos adaptado un arduino para controlar el motor y las resistencias, estoy en proceso de fabricar la picadora con mi compañero Robert, queremos llevar estas maquinas a la eco-aldea Nashira para que la comunidad trabaje con ellas, la mayor dificultad es encontrar las piezas con las medidas adecuadas todo aqui esta en pulgadas.

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07/06/2017 at 07:29

@sneyk, this looks great. I’ll come and visit one day)

Why did you decide to go with the extruder first?

11/06/2017 at 16:31

@jegor-m Sure welcome, here I wait!
I started with the extruder first because I got recycled material in pellets, now we want to do the complete process and we will do the shredder too.

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