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Extrusion screw, wood drill bit or concrete dril?

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Ilham ilham

Extrusion screw, wood drill bit or concrete dril?

16/04/2019 at 06:03

Hi everyone..
A little bit confuse about the drill bit which used as the extrusion screw.
1) If there any different between wood drill bit and concrete drill bit? Can we use both of them?
2) does the length of the screw affecting the end product?
3) Any suggestion are welcome.
Thank You

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16/04/2019 at 19:46

first things first, let’s not forget that technically every plastic type/mix needs its own screw.

to understand better the differences between the screw types, it’s mandatory to imagine how your plastic will behave with these constraints :

– motor power, needs to be quite high in most cases
– barrel & screw length = the longer the more motor power you need, goes hand in hand with speed and the next :
– time to melt within the barrel
– surface quality of the screw (wood drill is the worst since the plastic sticks easily and builds up)
– layout of the screw : length of the feed, meter and compression section

since you can’t make really good guesses here, I’d recommend to start off with the wood drill, if the result is alright for your project/product then fine. the wood drill is ok to make high rates of extrusion volume but you will have consistency issues. that’s where the ‘industrial’ screw comes in. compressing the plastic flow. as mentioned in the public website btw.

I didn’t know about the concrete drill but I can imagine to polish this up on a kind of turning device like a lathe or hand drill and dozens of grinding paper stripes.

if you plan to roll out a real product, I’d recommend to ask around on Alibaba. There are always fine folks around having a more optimal screw for you.

Also don’t forget to add enough cooling to stabilize temperature, in  ‘reality’ you can easily end up with an invest of 10 – 15 K Euro.

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