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Extrusion screw purchase

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mark plastikfantastik

Extrusion screw purchase

06/04/2019 at 07:10

Hi All Im looking for extrusion screw and barrel to purchase. ‘the extrusion screw is not the drill auger bit but the one that has been supplied as an upgrade in the drawings. I’m looking for someone to supply to Australia, Melbourne. I can get it done but was an unrealistic price looking for a reasonable price.
Cheers Mark

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06/04/2019 at 11:43

hey there, there are some results searching the forum. be aware that are screws made for industrial machines, not for ‘low-tech’. those require much more power and rigidity.

07/04/2019 at 13:50

@pporg thanks g for the advice. that is why I’m looking for screw and barrel then going from there. I do remember some of your other posts and advice which is why i’m tackling this way. (purchase the proper screw and barrel, then get the right motor and heaters)

07/04/2019 at 18:41

yeah, i figured that getting a proper barrel is really difficult, metal suppliers have often cold rolled steel ‘tubes’ but only in certain sizes. here in spain they call this ‘calibrato’ but it’s often not ‘calibrated’ at all seems. this stuff sits there in the shelf, often quite long, 3-10 meters and sometimes hangs down at some end, bend up to 0.4 mm off center on 70 cm and so later then I got crazy trying to get the screw in there .. if you’re lucky and have surface plate or lathe around you can check this with a level indicator. with the lathe you can straighten her out again 🙂 takes hours. the barrel btw. should be hardened as well, making the entire story even more tedious and complicated.

so if you’re lucky to get the both in a good shape, screw and barrel, please let us know here.

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