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👟 Fake vs Real Follow-up

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Jerry de Vos jerzeek

👟 Fake vs Real Follow-up

15/08/2018 at 11:56

While making PP v3 a reality my shoes where completely worn off, so Dave offered me his other pair of Nikes! For the best part of last year I have been wearing the other pair of the fake & real Nike shoes. First of all, Thank Dave! 🙏
It was a great experiment to undergo, and always a fun conversation starter😊.

My experience: From the beginning on you can feel the difference in comfort, but you get used to it in about a week. I had a bit of a false start where i hit my toe rather hard on a steel beam with the fake shoe💥. This resulted in a small hole in the left front side. because it was unfair to start like this i wanted to get it repaired. after trying 3 shoe repair shops without any luck I turned to cloth repair shops. in the end I found one shop who wanted to try it, in total it took 5 shops to find 1 that wanted to repair the small hole. A couple of months passed by without anything special happening to the shoeslater a small hole 🕳 started to form at the front of the shoe, similar to the hole in Dave’s shoe. the hole on the fabric isn’t a big problem, as long as there is fabric around the whole to patch it up it’s oke. The real problem starts when a hole starts to appear in the sole of the shoe, this is difficult to patch and stitching will wear fast and loosen the patch. When the hole in the front appeared I used a bit of felt on the inside of the shoe to close it. this worked quite well. inevitable also a hole in the sole of the shoe appeared. i tried to patch this as well bit i would only last for about a week. While on holiday i tried to climb a 500m mountain⛰ that was described as hard, muddy slippery and steep. this wasn’t great in combination with these shoes, but somehow they made it, only when i got back the hole in the front of the shoe had widen substantially so there was no other way than DUCT TAPE. Together with the ducttape the shoes barely made it through the holiday, but after this it was time to conclude the experiment.

If you look closely at the fake shoe you can see that they skimmed a bit of everything, the fabric, the stitching, the length but also the width. Probably if the fake shoe wasn’t as tight as the real one it would have lasted quite a bit longer. The only question that remains for me is what happened to Dave’s laces, cause mine still look perfect on both of them.

In the end I would also say im not really impressed about the quality of the real one either, no shop wants to repair it, and it wear off rather quick in time. for 120 euro you can buy shoes that last wayyy longer🏃‍♂️

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15/08/2018 at 13:32

nice review jerry. Good to see the research sequence moving forward! Next step, which are easier to recycle (:

*Also do i see an upcoming beard? epic 👊

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