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First Project Pakistan

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shiad shiad

First Project Pakistan

01/04/2018 at 11:03

HI every one i am shiad and from Pakistan i need little help to build a extruder

1. can extruder plastic pp pr pa6 or nylon plastic rod with dia from 20 mm to 200mm and length can 1 meter all i need to know can i made extruder that can extrude plastic rod and which material i need to made such big dia extruder i have place and money to spend on project kindly help me in making machine diagram feel free to write me [email protected]

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In reply to: First Project Pakistan

17/04/2018 at 19:02

Hello @shiad
You can easily extrude 20m wide rods with no problem, but forget about 200m, that’s simply out of the possibilities of the precious plastic extruder.

For a 200mm x 1m rod, what I would do is to find round steel tube with the dimensions you need, then attach several wide heating bands around the tube, and pour shredded plastic inside. The tube will act as a furnace melting all the shredded plastic, then you can let it cooldown and you will have a wide round solid tube of plastic.

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