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Flexibility of Plastics

David Pentland ardourdesign

Flexibility of Plastics

25/05/2018 at 15:27

Hello all,
We are developing a load of recycled plastic surfboard fins. We have made quite a few prototypes and tested them and they work really well, the only thing is the are too flexible to be able to sell, we like them because we are not fussed and they look real pretty, but to be able to sell them we need to strengthen.
We have looked at different options, glassing with flax material and eco EPS resin, putting a piece of 5mm ply inside the plastic sheet whilst it is being made. But ultimately they all come back to the same thing, that the plastic would not be recycle-able afterwards.
The plastic we are using is HDPE from melted plastic bags. The fin thickness ends up being 10mm once sanded and finished, and there just isn’t enough rigidity.
Does anyone have any advice about using different plastics or any ideas how to strengthen the plastic but sustainably?

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25/05/2018 at 15:48

Hey there, have you tried using PS Cristal ?
It has been (as far as my experiments showed me) the most resistant? When in low width (like for glasses), it will break quickly before bending. Making it above 10mm will, i think guarantee you something very rigid and 100% recycled plastic,

Hope it helps (NICE FIN, love the colour  !!)


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