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For our school project..

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camento camento

For our school project..

06/05/2018 at 05:19

hi folks!

me and my group mates is planning to make an automated phone case maker using pet bottle as the main material.  we are planning to use arduino mega, and the machines here ( shredder, compression machine), and some sensors.

can anyone give us any idea or tips how we’re gonna accomplish this project.

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08/05/2018 at 07:46

@camento you already know what you need, its just a matter of start putting things together.

You can have a shredder that runs everytime you add a bottle to the hopper (maybe put an ultrasound sensor inside the hopper)

*You add a bottle to the hopper

*This triggers the ultrasound sensor, and sends a signal to the arduino

*Arduino activates an SSR that powers the shredder, and the SSR stays ON for about 1 min to ensure the bottle is fully shredded

*If the ultrasound sensor does not detect any objects in the hopper and the arduino 1 min cycle is finished, then the shredder powers off

*The shredded plastic is collected inside a container, you can add a load sensor like the SEN-10245 to the bottom of the container so that it can measure the weight of the plastic

*Once the weight reaches certain point, the shredder is stopped (if running)

*Turn on injection machine band heaters and wait some minutes for it to reach the desired temp

*A servo motor rotates the shredded plastic container and pour the plastic inside of an injection machine hopper

*A 12v hidraulic valve pushes the inyection tube to get the molten plastic inside of the mould



Fyi, this is a lot of work for a school project, and PET plastic is not the best option for smartphone cases.



29/05/2018 at 07:54

hii. why is that PET is not the ideal plastic? thanks for reply btw 🙂

29/05/2018 at 18:20

Hey @camento nice initiative & @xxxolivierxxx you must have been a good minecraft RF builder in another life hehe 🙂

if i may answer the PET question with my knowledge (please correct me if i’m wrong) :
PET is very picky:
– you have little temperature space cuz of thermal degradation
– it suffers a lot from hydrolysis (sorry if translation is uncorrect) meaning you need to be very careful with the drying / preheating process

If one of those 2 conditions happen; your PET will simply be unusable; it will brake & shatter right after being moulded. Also while the degradation is taking place, you will be releasing bad toxic fumes

Depending on the thickness of your moulded output; the product might also be a bit too flexible for the use you want

Other types of plastic might be easier to start with (PolyPropylene for example)


29/05/2018 at 18:30

@imuh I wasn’t a good Minecraft redstone builder, I AM a good minecraft redstone builder 🙂

29/05/2018 at 18:46

Precious Plastic is to me Minecraft in real life xD so much research, so much build, so much creation ! (talking about the complicated mods… :p not vanilla version hehe)

30/05/2018 at 06:20

oh thank you guys :). looks like im gonna need to do some research more..

btw regarding about the machines (shredder and injection). where do you get the them? do you construct them from scratch or do you buy them from a particular store? TIA 🙂

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