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Germany what up?

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Germany what up?

08/02/2017 at 17:57

Hey Germany,

What up with you?
Why are there just 2 spots in Germany where People builded a machine.
Is it because of the “recycling system” or what is it?
I Like Building things and I´m going to move to Frankfurt this summer so I would like to know if there are some folks want to start something?

Profile gravatar of Carl F.
23/03/2017 at 16:59

I would order two sets;)

Mhm, order steel from india… I don’t like that point: shipping some steel around the globe. Some electronics might have to be imported from far away. But I think we should try to get a good source for the lasercuted parts in Germany.


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Profile gravatar of lukas_lang
23/03/2017 at 21:59

Hey @katharinaelleke

I´m also interested in ordering the shredder parts!
Please keep me updated 🙂


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Profile gravatar of nonkonform
24/03/2017 at 14:38

I will ask today.. (shit weekend..)
Is there a special type of steal what we prefer for the machine?
I had in mind I will send him the files and will ask him what he thinks..

I send him the dxf files from the board?! I read the in the download packet are not there/ or working..

But I need to tell..

Soon (first parts are ordered) i will build a cnc (mostly printed CNC) and if some one can tell me what a laser would coast (what kind of laser /how strong / price) is needed..

Alternativ.. I was thinking for around 200Euro I can get a Plasma cutter for this cnc.. I don´t know if is the right one,.. or strong enough.. maybe I can make some for the community.. But I need a connection with knowleged about this machine…

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Profile gravatar of Flo
28/03/2017 at 23:01

Is there someone around with the ability to manufacture this special Hex Shaft witch is needed to build the shredder?

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Profile gravatar of Flo
30/03/2017 at 00:16

I bought mine and let it been turned and payed about 30€ for it. I can ask my Metal guy if he can do it for the same price again if you’re interested and then ship it to you.

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Profile gravatar of Arnaud Dumont
30/03/2017 at 10:51

Hello Everyone,

For this Hex shaft, I might have another one, but not sure. PM me if interested 🙂

For finishing the Shredder, I Need a last Piece, the sieve.

Would someone be OK if I take part of his/her order, and then pay the 2 sieves more, and the send costs of course too?

If someone is fine with it (whereever you are in Germany/Swiss/Austria), just PM me.

That would really help me 🙂

Thanks a lot!

See you


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Profile gravatar of Katharina Elleke
31/03/2017 at 10:44

Oh my gosh, people!

I got the best quote ever today!
10 sets (with the 3mm/6mm parts in steel and 5mm parts in stainless steel ss-340) for 650€ (exclusive shipping)!

Manufactured in Braunschweig (thanks @sculptureclash for the contact!)

@lucky6 @carlf (2x) @lukas_lang @amdnox @baas (2x – with this price, I would recommend you to order 2 hehe) and me (2x) are in, right?
So, we only need one more set to be ordered. If anyone wants to join, tell me ASAP, I will order on Monday! – either way!

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Profile gravatar of lukas_lang
31/03/2017 at 11:18

Hey @katharinaelleke!

That information is awesome 🙂 I´m totally in!
Thank you so much for organising the order.

How shall we transfer the money to you? Because I think it is a large amount you have to pay at once!


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Profile gravatar of timo
31/03/2017 at 11:28

wow. thats really nice. im happy for this information

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Profile gravatar of Bas
31/03/2017 at 11:51

Hey @katharinaelleke!
Thankyou thats really good news! And i have good news too^^
I got an email from Daniel Backer who also wants two sets (haha yeah damn right me too two). The only ‘problem’ could be the shipping to Cambodia? I will direct his email to you and let him know 🙂
It looks like we’re about to hit 11 sets.. Right on!;D

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Profile gravatar of Markus Buntrock
31/03/2017 at 17:10

Hello guys,

can someone of you say something about the quality of the injected bodys (Injectioin maschine)?
How strong are they?
In a video from Dave where he made a handlebar or something like that, he could break easily a pin from the body. So? I need a more or less solid body. How can I imagine the strongness?

lg from me

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Profile gravatar of Katharina Elleke
01/04/2017 at 12:02

@lucky6 @lukas_lang @carlf (2x) @amdnox (2x) @baas (2x) and me (2x)

@lucky6 @lukas_lang and @amdnox, can you please send me an email including your PP account name:
There are some things I would like to organize and it would be much easier via email!

P.S.: Because 10 sets pose the optimal capacity utilization of the metal sheets at the manufacturer in Braunschweig, every new order request from now on will be put on the “waiting list” , until we have enough people to order another 10 sets.

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Profile gravatar of Paul Felber
02/04/2017 at 22:30

Hello together,

just found out about this really cool project. At the moment I don’t have the space to build anything on my own but I got a workshop, tools and experiance metal working. So if anybody is intressted in a team project or needs some help just contact me!

Paul from Darmstadt (near Frankfurt)

P.S. I would buy the shreeder parts if there is a new order!

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Profile gravatar of Katharina Elleke
03/04/2017 at 00:10

Hey @pafe, happy that you found your way to join the precious plastic community!

Here some of the members in Frankfurt: @lucky6 @litschi95 @amdnox @nonkonform – maybe some of you want to connect and work together?

And you’re the first on the list for the next order – let’s see how quick we can get 10 again! 🙂

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Profile gravatar of Manuel Hirn
04/04/2017 at 19:41

Hey Guys,

ich bin Manuel aus Ingolstadt. Schade dass ich eure Sammelbestellung verpasst habe. Kannst du mir @katharinaelleke die Kontaktdaten des Herstellers senden wo ihr bestellt habt? Und falls ihr noch weiter Hersteller zu günstigen Preisen gefunden habt diese bitte auch.

Ich habe bereits die Schreddereinheit gebaut jedoch sind alle Teile aus Edelstahl da es so nie rosten wird.

Die Idee eine eigene Gruppe für alle in Deutschland und Österreich zu erstellen und diese über Trello zu organisieren ist wohl untergegangen. Ich fände es aber großartig wenn wir das machen würden, denn dann gehen wichtige Informationen nicht unter und man kann sich austauschen.

Wer dabei sein will hier der Link:

Ich fände es großartig wenn alle mit machen. Es sollte der gemeinsame Platz zum Austausch für neue Ideen mit Leuten in Deutschland und Österreich werden. Vielleicht ist das der Anfang einer tollen Zusammenarbeit für die Zukunft. Und wer weiß vielleicht schaffen wir gemeinsam Großes.

Mein Vorschlag wäre es noch dass wir eine eigene Karte erstellen wo sich am besten jeder einträgt um einen guten Überblick zu bekommen wer wo wohnt.

Ich habe eben mal eine erstellt tragt euch also am besten gleich ein:

Hoffe ihr seit genau so begeistert wie ich. Also nicht nur von dem Projekt Precious Plastic sondern auch von der Möglichkeit sich Deutschland und Österreich weit ein bisschen zu Organisieren. Bisher fehlen mir nämlich jegliche Kontakte zu Personen die diese Macher Mentalität besitzen und von der eigenen großen Werkstatt mit allen möglichen Maschinen träumen. Gefällt mir wenn ihr ungefähr genau so denkt.

Okay nun erstmals genug von meiner Seite. Bin gespannt was sich ergibt. At next time I will write in English. I promise. 😉

Manuel Hirn

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Profile gravatar of Katharina Elleke
04/04/2017 at 23:33

Updated list of active german/austrian members:

Berlin: @martinn @kevink @fisherphillips @silversson @jallar @janine @goerl
Dresden: @carlf
Braunschwaig: @claud @sculptureclash
Cologne: @sirihuebner
Aachen: @tobix
Frankfurt: @lucky6 @litschi95 @amdnox @nonkonform @pafe (Darmstadt)
Mannheim: @ayordeky
Stuttgart: @godpepper @frency
Ingolstadt: @mr-hirn
Munich: @katharinaelleke
Somewhere else(?): @reallyrosie @chrissyw

Graz: @brianlm @lukas_lang
Innsbruck: @preciousplasticsaustria
Wien: @flo-2

It might be easier to share information/discuss about german/austrian specific topics in this Trello Group. (Thanks @mr-hirn)

Precious Plastic Map
Concerning the map, I personally would stick to the Precious Plastic Map, Dave already set up. This way, the other precious plastic members can see how much is going on in Germany/Austria 🙂
I think we just have to inform them about our location and they will put us on the map.

Lasercut parts: 10 sets for 775€ (77,50€/set) at Schnabel GmbH
Price only possible for 10 sets (not less)!
You can contact me ( for further details and I can also organize the next order!

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Profile gravatar of Armik
05/04/2017 at 08:51

Hello everyone,

This is so great Katharina. Should be helpful for all of us. Add Mannheim as we will be building the machine a month or two

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Profile gravatar of Carl F.
21/04/2017 at 13:37

yeah!!! the two shredderparts arrived today:))
they look really nice. some sanding is still needed but they are already in a good shape. Thanks to all who beeing part of the order to make this price possible. And a special thanks to @katharinaelleke for the organisation.

hopefully their are more group orders in future:)

keep pace!

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Profile gravatar of Thorsten
23/04/2017 at 18:38

Hello everyone,

after weeks of searching in the internet and many telephone calls by trying to find someone how will take our old plastic (and does not give it into an incinaration plant), i found this wonderful projekt. We are a small nonprofit organisation for refubishing old computers. Some of them are too old to give them a second live, so since the beginning of this year we started to recycle them. To find someone for the metal parts, or the electric isn’t that difficult, but for the plastic…
Now i found this projekt, i know what to do.
If there will be a further community order in the next time, we want to be part of it (@katharinaelleke, if you are so kind?).

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