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Governance & Code of Conduct

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Arthur Lutz arthurlutz

Governance & Code of Conduct

03/06/2019 at 17:58

Follow up of the topic of nurturing a friendly online community and handling inappropriate ways of communicating of certain community members, here is a link to the code of conduct in place in the Funkwhale community : https://funkwhale.audio/en_US/code-of-conduct

This code of conduct was co-build with the members of the community, and maybe Loomio as a tool is also useful for that  (see the example here https://governance.funkwhale.audio/g/kQgxNq15/funkwhale) In this process they conducted an “anti-abuse audit” https://governance.funkwhale.audio/d/pQS1Uznd/abuse-audit which might be useful as inspiration.

More at large in open source projects, the https://www.contributor-covenant.org/ is a good base plate if you don’t have a code of conduct.

Another tool I know for this kind of issue is the “move commons” label which is similar to creative commons in some ways http://movecommons.org/np-rp-rc.di-gr/0.1/en/ (the site doesn’t seem to be updated since 2012, so there might be a good replacement for this).

Hope this collective and this initiatives finds the right tools and methods for its community ! Good luck and my thoughts go out to people who feel abused in this community. ❤️️

ps. sorry, I haven’t looked deeper into the discussions with the members with whom you are having difficulties.

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05/06/2019 at 15:17

right, fine with me 🙂 i just placed my humble opinion here, also in hope i get corrected. btw. machines are not the only concern I see myself often struggeling with; unfortunately, it seems i have to re-invent PP from scratch to make this work for those at my door step. that is about manuals, translations, product / kit design, FAQs, mission, numbers, how-tos, limits and all what comes with it.

05/06/2019 at 16:04


While I struggle to find active (local) members, funding, (also) translating, collection, research, information etc.

For this the forum is also not the place, but it could be a great starting point for finding your way (or at least it should be).


The point a lot of problems are also offline (“for those at my door step”) is not lost on me.

In acting locally maybe even more so than in machine building.

I e.g. really need local platforms. No problem to start one, but I would like to keep them connected to the larger PP/OA-community.

This is also why the ‘context’ of the platforms is important to me. Scaleability!

There isn’t a pyramid yet, but there should be.



Your move. The Topic came down to a “guideline” (see above) and the need for dedicated ‘backstage’ platforms.

These platforms I’m still researching for your dedicated topic Tools for realtime communication

05/06/2019 at 16:27

right; a little sad but ok, i obey. at the end of the day, I really want everybody happy about what we’re doing here to our-self, to others, and to the environment. often i recon often it’s little more about ‘the goal justifies the means’, kinda ‘we do it just because we can’ sort of thing; anyways, problem solved.
next 😉

05/06/2019 at 21:12

so that’s the summary for me :

– no more links or jokes related George Carlin, Jim Jefferies, or even slightest science work on regarding the Gervais principles meets PP
– say only good things, and only good things; basically that would amount 1% of freedom of what i’ve seen on within the youtube and other networks comments, anyway, seems to be like that ‘Spain is different’ thing
– take everything serious, very serious, super serious, well, and not so serious
– trust only values provided and shared by anyone here but do not trust anyone outside
– don’t question PP, at all, just don’t, if you I do, I could hurt all the others so badly that they are depressed and never come back
– be nice, super nice, so nice that everything ends with an <3

deal, great;
seems reasonable, I should pull a new programming language, ‘PP script’

<3, have sweet dreams

05/06/2019 at 21:55

Interesting, I don’t remember someone from Namibia posting George Carlin videos.

I try to keep things simple for myself:
Stay on topic
Use language as if you were talking to the policeman that stopped you for a traffic violation.
Humor is good but understand what happens if not everyone gets it.
When in doubt include a cat video.

05/06/2019 at 22:10

you’re right, fully forgot this brand/ego thing of nowadays :
– make sure, your identity, crimes, unrelated works are fully exposed, with lots of points and likes of course, so everyone can see you’re the man and evtl. starts listening …
– photos of cats in the shredder, ups, I mean cats on the shredder
–  talking like to the police, ack !  deal, i just never spoke to them; i have to call someone up
– stay always on the subject, no matter the dependencies/ resources involved

do we have a forum section beer’o clock yet ? no ? well, here you go 😉
anyways, i hear’ya! thx

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