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Greece, Thessaloniki – A trash and plastic project


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Cilio Minella cilio

Greece, Thessaloniki – A trash and plastic project

11/02/2018 at 20:59

Hello Saloniki!
Hello Everybody!

Last December I went to Thessaloniki with my working group from Basel (Switzerland). We were there for a Mapping Workshop in the old Slaughterhouse, now called LAB’attoir.

We started to do researches about the following questions:
– How does the trash and recycling system work in Thessaloniki?
– Is there already a PreciousPlastic Community existing?
– If nothing exists; Is there an interest for a PreciousPlastic working area?

We discovered the Fix in Art which is next to the LAB’attoir. Fix in Art is a cultural place which is really active to bring the recycling thematic nearer to the people. In my opinion they have a much better recycling system than the Municipality. And they are giving workshops how to recognise and separate different plastics.
They don’t have the PreciousPlastic machines yet but they are looking for a founding to get them.

There is also another person in Thessaloniki who is working on these machines.
He is called Dimitrios and has already built the shredder and our idea is to connect him with Fix in Art.

As a second step we’re also planning to do a workshop in LAB’attoir this year about the troubles of plastic consumption and possibilities with collected plastic.

If you know more about what’s going on in Thessaloniki related to plastic, or if you are interested to participate in projects in Thessaloniki, please let us know!

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