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Greetings from Jo Stodgel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


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Jo Stodgel jostodgel

Greetings from Jo Stodgel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

02/04/2016 at 02:43

Hi there, my name is Jo and I live in Santa Fe. I have been engaged with plastic waste upcycling practices for about a decade, and during that time have gotten to start up a couple of projects.

The first was the Trash to Treasure Festivals project in Greyton, South Africa, where we turned the edge of the local dumpsite into a festival grounds with all of the infrastructure built using waste materials. A key practice that we promoted thru this was “ecobricking” – stuffing mixed plastic waste into bottles that could then be used in bottle constructions (see http://www.ecobricks.org/).

Then two years ago I founded Upcycle Santa Fe here in my hometown (see http://upcyclesantafe.org). We have been promoting small scale upcycling practices with a focus on plastic waste such as ecobricks and Ubuntu-Blox, the compression technology of Texas based Harvey Lacey (see http://ubuntublox.com/).

I’m appreciate to find this technology Dave, and to some degree I feel as if you have made a dream of mine come true. I am excited to be a part of the community here and learn and contribute what I can. All the best!

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