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Enrique René Soto Irizarry estarq-soto


22/01/2018 at 00:21

Hello everyone we are AlterPlástica a small business idea we are developing for a startup Acceleration Program and we are here to recycle plastic to turn into valuable items. We like the concept of starting small because after studying the urban disparity of Puerto Rico, and in order to be more sustainable and clean on our transportation, which is a real deal on costs, we believe small stations could be installed and run with electric tricycles for the collection. Of course, mainly they could be deposit/production stations throughout the city, which help in the rehabilitation of buildings or abandoned land plots. In the process of growing a relationship oriented business with the people, a net of recycling stations could be organised from regional stations, in which case you could be recycling so much material so that to produce at other scales. What do you guys think of this idea? We would love all the feedback we could get. We are looking for entrepreneurs to share their fails (MOST important facts on business) and their success!!

We are both students of Architecture at Puerto Rico, and my plan is to make this project my thesis, as one of us is already graduating this year and ready to work on it. Any suggestions will be appreciate it. Our idea is based on educating the people and encourage them as in their social responsibility and for a common good, and good urban planning, so as to take action on the city and the environment. As I said before, we are in for a grant, and if we are successful, we could be generating jobs, and taking part in addressing one of Puerto Rico’s biggest problems, waste disposition.
It is a paradigm shift, as we are taught in a society of high consumption, where advertising and commerce affect the behaviour of people. However, this pattern and behaviour has led our society to generate a high rate of solid waste per day. By 2010, according to ADS statistics, Puerto Ricans generate around 5.56 pounds of garbage daily. Right now, the current website for the governmental statistics on waste generation and recycling has not been updated in three years. Our goals are set on this principles Dave Hakkens have shared and we think is a great way on to creating a movement on Puerto Rico and to possibly collaborate with our vecinal islands on a future!

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22/01/2018 at 02:26

Welcome to Precious Plastic @estarq-soto
There are several Puerto Ricans around the community who might be able to collaborate on your project:










22/01/2018 at 03:12

Thanks @xxxolivierxxx
Count me in @estarq-soto

28/01/2018 at 17:33

Hola! @estarq-soto En cuento a una retroalimentación: me parece muy ambicioso el proyecto. Creo que puedes simplificar tu enfoque en hacer estas maquinas. Para esta primera fase nos beneficiaríamos todos con un taller de construcción de estas maquinas. Y luego las puedes usar para tus medios… O sea que tan pronto comiences a construir la maquina, avísame… me gustaría estar allí.

Pero si quieres ayuda, tengo una bicicleta de hacer ejercicios en la casa. El detalle es que vivo en Las Marías, Puerto Rico. Podemos asentar unas bases y conocernos… para ver como proceder. Llevo siguiendo este proyecto por varios años y ahora, mas que nunca, estoy muy interesado en trabajar en este proyecto. Armar una maquina y enseñar a como usarla. Cualquiera que este interesado, en este foro… quisiera YA construir una.

En nuestro caso. Contamos con los fondos, sabríamos como y para que usarlas pero el detalles es conseguir quien, o que compañía, pudiera imprimirnos los archivos para el “Shredder” (que es la única maquina que por el momento nos interesa construir).


13/02/2018 at 14:45

Hola, estoy a punto de enviaros una a vuestro pais, podría enviaros mas y asi podeis compartir los portes, que te parece?

20/02/2018 at 18:32




check my post on where to get the shredder parts, this company is dropping the prices significantly if you buy more than one shredder, maybe you can buddy up with someone else and buy 2 sets. they ship to PR


Checken mi post, esta compania esta haciendo las partes para el shredder, si compran mas de 2 sets le sale mas barato, se pueden juntar mas de 2 para comprar asi le saldra mucho mas barato de lo que yo paque aqui en NJ ($400) ellos envian a PR
cualquier cosa o pregunta me avisan.

20/02/2018 at 18:34


07/03/2018 at 04:58


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