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Greetings from Strommen Vocational School, Norway!

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Tommy Nordby tommynordby

Greetings from Strommen Vocational School, Norway!

05/01/2018 at 18:35


Im Tommy and Im a teacher at a vocational school in Norway.

We are going to use the shredder and injection machine as a school project for students that has chosen industrial technology as a subject. Starting this monday 🙂

Hopefully we will have time to make both machines and some moulds so that we can make some cool stuff.

I think this is ideal as a school project since Mr. Hakkens has been so nice to make everything so accessible and this is very relevant for students that are interested in industrial technology because of the material science in seperating different types of plastic, production of the machines and the enviromental aspect wich is important because these students are the next generation in the industry.

Wish us luck!

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05/01/2018 at 19:53

‘next generation’ is exactly the point… 👍
Please try to keep us inform on weekly basis and with much details as possible in order to be able to duplicate your experience everywhere

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