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Had a similar Idea for Dell due to breaking iPhone

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Lukong lukong1515

Had a similar Idea for Dell due to breaking iPhone

24/12/2017 at 00:34

Intro Myself
A few years [Nov 2010] ago I had a similar idea for a Phone which you can choose the parts in it, this due to finding out the Laptop my Father bought me at the time was Dell D800, unlike most most laptops this could have different parts.
After hearing about so many iPhones breaking I thought of a phone in which the motherboard was split so when the phone broke all that would have to be replace was the broken parts.
While coming with this idea -as the word “modular” wasn’t in my vocab- I also came up with the Mobile Tower, a Laptop with 2 Motherboards (Thought CPU & Motherboard = Same), 2 CPUs, 2 GPUs, 2 PC Ram Slots w/Laptop Adapters, 2 Storage Slots, 2 Batteries and a “Modular” Charger (Head, Cord, Brick & Wall Cord) w/ 3-6 Addon slots (RAM, Vacuum, Battery)…what does this have to with the Phone…I figured before anyone replaces their old Tech, they would prefer Transitional Tech (Something that is compatible with your old TECH and Boost it)…
I later came up with a Motherboard with a Next Gen CPU, GPU, RAM, etc that attaches to an older Computer that allows your Old Laptop to access new stuff…that idea can be applied to this idea of a Modular Phone.

Bundle Parts
Maybe the reason Project Ara didn’t work out cause it needed to Transition.
So PhoneBlok have less Fine Modularness to be PhoneStrips where the Parts come in Tiers (Lo/Mid/Hi Specs) and bundled together certain chips that depend on each other (You can’t have a Lo CPU & Hi-GPU…this also helps with finding what works together for users)

STRIPS: Main, Storage, Signal, Power, Media
– Main: CPU/Cores, GPU & RAM
– Storage: Micro/SDcard Slot & Internal Memory, Stock OS (Android 4-Kitkat, 6-Marshmellow, 8-Oreo, etc)
– Signal: Wifi, Bluetooth, Sim Card Slot, Radio, GPS
– Power: Battery/NFC, Micro-USB Port/OTG/HDMI (Or with Storage Strip)
– Media: 3.5mm, Rear Dual/Camera/Zoom, Mic, Flash/Dual, MiniBattery

DISPLAY: Chipset, Mic, Front Camera, Receiver/Speaker, Screen (Phone, Phalet or Tablet), Body Type (Landscape KeySlider, Portrait KeySlider, Square or Rectangular)…also use the Backcase to hold everything in

Few Innovations
– “Touchboard” or “KeyTouch” or “HardKey Touch” App = Use the keys on keyboard Slider to touch screen so when your playing games and the app does have keyboard support you can setup an overlay so your keyboard will input Touch on a Specific Location (X,Y), in a Specific Pattern (So if I’m suppose to do Circles then all I have to do is draw the Gesture and assign a Key and press key to do gesture to when I touch the gesture is done)

– First Non-Bezel Phone…how? Put the front Camera on the Keyboard/Under/Bottom/Rear Slider so when people want to Selfie they only have to open the phone…what about gaming and navkeys on Display/Over/Top/Front Slider simply have settings so people can config dead zones for Fake Bezels & choose where the navkeys appear/hide…with Non-Bezel = Small phone with Big screen

– No need for Attach Zoom…How? If its possible to put a Camera behind the Display on a Slider phone and put the Zoom on the Keyboard on a Slider phone (probably in the top Corner of the Phone)…then you’ve achieved higher built-in zoom and if the user doesn’t want to use Zoom then simply slide the phone out, to go zoomless would also be cool if some how 1 Camera could be both Selfie & Rear either as a 2-way Tube or Mirror Reflection

Attached was a design for the next Samsung Relay with a Point Sticks so you can Game & Type rather than Just gaming like the Sony Xperia Play…someone once made a Concept of PSP with a Slideout Keyboard…my design is from Old Laptops…I will update for Bezeless Gamer Version also Specs

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