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Handling BIG money? UK Funding bid

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Martin Paley deary65

Handling BIG money? UK Funding bid

13/02/2019 at 14:55

Perhaps directed towards ‘realpreciousplastic’ considering the 300k EUR from FAMAE, there is currently the opportunity to get £150-300,000 of funding towards plastic waste initiatives here: https://planplasticfund.com/


This is far too big for a small individual workspace to handle but the potential of a UK wide approach would be feasible.


Any hints and tips on the application itself + actually handling that kind of money if received?


We might start with a chocolate bar for each UK workspace, and one for you too Dave 😉


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13/02/2019 at 15:57

It says:
‘We would like to fund projects which will have a significant measurable impact on plastic pollution (now or in the future)’

with less than a half million $$ ? it looks pretty impossible to me, precious plastic vise I mean. As stated in many places, the only real option to explore is to ban plastic all together and for that you have to convince consumer and producers. I think there are ongoing talks and new regulations with the food industry and who ever needs one-time-use plastic for transportation and packaging. 150.000 is just enough to do a anti-plastic campaign for a few dozen of towns, you need easily the double to convince  and support a few produce producers to switch to something else 🙂

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