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HDPE Milk bottles & Carbon Black

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Nicolas imuh

HDPE Milk bottles & Carbon Black

23/05/2018 at 07:54

Hello Everyone;

So i have been doing quite a bit of experimenting on different plastic types compression molding; and so far HDPE has been a tough one;

I have been sourcing my HDPE through 2 types of products; bottles containing agressive liquids (acetone for example) and milk bottles.

I had my first tests where all HDPE was put to melt together. MAJOR ERROR !!
W realized that some additives must had been added in the HDPE to resist to the liquid it would contain; the result when we tried to melt it : the additives burned before we manages to get to the melting phase…

But with milk bottles another problem arrived;

HDPE Milk Bottles are made of 3 layers being : HPDE / Black Carbon / HDPE
The middle layer is IMPOSSIBLE to detach from the 2 others; and malting gives a really weird output.

My concern is the following; Carbon Black not being plastic; the fusing output of milk bottles will not be 100% HDPE


Any thoughts on the subjects y’all ?



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