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Heating setup

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Bashir Muzakkari muzakkar

Heating setup

26/08/2020 at 03:03

Dear all,
I bought a C100FK07 M*AN PID with SSR-40 DA relay and a 400V 300W heating band. I followed the schematic to connect the components together but my heating band isn’t heating up.
I used tester to check the polarity, the header body is showing a positive charge so also the all the heater terminals.
Please help me out.

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In reply to: Heating setup

13/09/2020 at 20:30

@muzakkar, have you tried barrel insulation (helps a lot) and did you wait long enough before throwing plastic at it. a picture and some more details about your setup would help us a lot .. ! For v3-ish extruders you want to wait at least 15 mins, and go from slow (40RPM+) to faster speeds. Flake size also plays an important role, let us know …

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