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Gabby magickalfantasy


01/04/2018 at 23:06

Hi, I actually found out about this in a video trailer in one of my bullet journaling groups. It intrigued me because I have a TON of plastic bags lying around my house. I thought it was just a small machine that I could use for my bags. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it was much more complex than that!

This was the video I saw: https://www.facebook.com/thisisinsider/videos/1863920107248712/?hc_ref=ARSSvdYD_fFuMxSpf-uzpt2RtWGChHY9Dl9QGIfzZVEwkr4qo_CXUYEnXRm7AmknnqE&fref=gs&dti=1702724993084653&hc_location=group

I’m 28, married, I have 3 kids, and I have absolutely NO experience with welding or tools of any kind short of using a hammer and a screwdriver once in awhile. Hopefully I can learn how to be a part of this movement. <3

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02/04/2018 at 03:45


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