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Hello from NE, NE, NE Iowa…

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Joel L Huebner joelhuebner

Hello from NE, NE, NE Iowa…

05/01/2019 at 09:17

Or as the native translation goes ” the land between two rivers”.  I’m 4 blocks from the river on the east. Three miles from Wisconsin and 15 from Minnesota.  Beautiful limestone bluffs from the Glaciers. Also known as “The Driftless Area”.  We have a National Park, all about the Mound Builders Culture.

Else, I’m a Dairy Farm kid from a couple counties south & west. Still very much NE Iowa. As that upbringing requires, I can make, build and repair ANYTHING!  BA ’82 from The University of Northern Iowa: Industrial Technology, couldn’t stop.  Spent 25+ years as the other geek…IT Systems and Network Engineer.  The guy that made the red/orange light turn green.  Sometimes just the pass of a hand…really!  I’m now a Fiber Artist, I turn luscious wools into envious yarns.  And into single board computing. The Linux operating system.  Just ordered my first 3d printer. Duh, let’s make philiment from all the plastic that goes in & out the house.  This group is heavily.  I built my own biodigester & solar panels in High School.   I’m a life long GREEN.  Pa didn’t use any herbicide or pesticide when I was there… Fish & crawdad’s in the crik, as we had our pop!  Iowa things!…

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