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Hello from parisian suburbs

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Nicolas imuh

Hello from parisian suburbs

15/03/2018 at 10:42

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicolas, age 29 & living in the parisian suburbs. Discovering preciousplastic recently & previously farmbot.io made me realize that self sustain and easy recycling is accessible to us all !

Owner of a company since 6yrs now, i have to admit my ikigai is pulling me towards sideprojects. I would love to share my professionnal experience !

It would be amazing to gather up different specific skills and group up in order to democratize preciousplastic !

A chemist, a metalworker, an electrotechnician, a product design and maybe other skillsets would make an awesome start to create a cooperative!

Hit me up & let the revolution begin !!!!


Also : in order to facilitate communication, i have created a discord server for french community which u can access through this link https://discord.gg/TfXKRe6

Aussi : afin de faciliter la communication au sein de la communauté française, j’ai créé un serveur vocal discord disponible à cette adresse https://discord.gg/TfXKRe6

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