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Hello from Sintra, Portugal

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Pedro R pedror

Hello from Sintra, Portugal

25/04/2019 at 20:56

Hi everyone!
Its exciting to know of your existence.
My name is Pedro, 36yo, living in Sintra and I’m a “home made” fine artist with a crush for history.
Have been trying to develop an artistic project called “MyRoyalDolls” and am considering registering it as a brand. The idea is to recreate an idea of baroque world under the motto “recycle history through recycled materials” and I do painting and sculpture with all kinds of home made thought papermache techniques and suddenly now became interested in… plastic! Oh my god! So, yeah, recently found the boiling water pellets of policaprolactone and was thinking “what about creating re-melted plastic plaques instead of painting in papermache covered cardboard sheets? Would become a bit more solid…” among many other ideas.
So here I am saying hello to all of you, trying to learn the best ways to “deal” with plastic and, one day, whenever I get the means and the space, I’ll plunge myself into plastics.
If anyone would be interested or having more ideas in order to help me develop my ideas, by all means!
Thanks for reading 😉

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13/05/2019 at 21:45

Hey man! Great to here that, I’m in Portugal too, Lisbon precisely. It would be amazing to meet up and see what we can do, maybe start a solid and communicant community here, and why not, build new friendships based on common interests and passions 🙂 hit me back if you’re up to!

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