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Hello hello hello from Newcastle UK

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Riccardo Burns mrburns33

Hello hello hello from Newcastle UK

17/04/2019 at 20:38

Hello guys

My name is Riccardo, an entrepreneurship student that lives in Newcastle, UK, I have lately started to be more and more interest in recycling plastic movement, and together with a colleague of mine we have decided that is time to do our part.

Our idea is to design and produce serveware, so cups, plates and bowls, from recycled plastic and our goal is to give those products the apparence of marble.

Now I have few questions:

first which one is the plastic that is better suitable for this kind of product (so in case of a tea mug has heat resistance)?

second which one is the technique that would give the final product the apperence of marble?

third which are the machines that we need to buy/make to start this project that will help us to satisfy the need we have (so the shapes, the properties and the appearence)?

I will really appreciate your help since we have a limited budget but we really want to start and do our best

Thank you guys

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17/04/2019 at 20:39

Apologies I used the wrong section of the blog

17/04/2019 at 21:14

hey there, no problem. I can’t say much about 1. and 2. (our experts here in the forum can … ) but 3. : in your case I’d go first for the ‘compression’ or any press like machine. The PP injection is not really suited for this kind of volume. Also you don’t need to buy a shredder, you can heat it up hand cut plastic in an oven and feed your mold, typically from steel plates, plaster & epoxy. That way you can start experimenting right away. Please consider up to 20% shrinkage during cooling and also the overall throughout performance of the entire process, count up to one object per 1-2 hours. Check on youtube ‘recycle plastic NEAR oven’

I would recommend this path, especially if you want to make sure the quality requirements of your products are met.

20/04/2019 at 06:56

Hello Riccardo !

please do no make food-contact products 🙁
i’ll just copy-paste my statement from this post

Recycled Party Cups!

“Plastics… so what is a plastic ? A plastic is : polymer + additives

The polymer can be Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) etc.. each polymer has it’s own properties (density, clearness, softness etc…)

Additives on the other hand will give extra properties to the plastic. The types of additives are VERY wide, can be to add uv-resistance, strength, make it easier to inject, cheaper to produce, flame resistant, etc…

Each additive (at least in europe) is more or less regulated into big categories of products, the most strict category being “food grade”; the legislation only permits industries to select additives through their list (1000+ possible additives)

Also, additives always migrate, meaning they get out of the plastics through time, heat, contact.. and each additive has a treshold which should not be exceeded (measurements are based on the usage of the product; single use plastic = 1 time use migration treshold measurement)

Soooo when you are putting one type of plastic to melt; there are different additives which may react to each other, and your long lasting “food grade” recycled plastic product will slowly but surely migrate its different additives to the consumer To limit this effect i would recommend you to have an effective ‘sourcing’; meaning trying a specific product at a time and, if it goes well, put it on a green list; otherwise, red..

(What i wrote is just based on the research of have been doing the past year on the subject, making mistakes, learning from them and searching more & more, which might not be the case of everyone launching PP projects _to answer to the “food-grade” recycled products on the bazar_ ; if any polymer-specialist would mind adding their intel on the subject… )”

cheers 😀

marble technique is done through LDPE films, oven / compression

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