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Hello to all plastic warriors – from Estonia!

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Leho Lainoja lexuz

Hello to all plastic warriors – from Estonia!

20/02/2018 at 10:57

Hello everybody. My name is Leho and I’m interested in plastic recycling and in re-use materials overall (wood, metal…etc). I’m going to build …or at least try to build plastic shredder first.For example: We have a lot of stripped cable isolation as a by-product from scrapping electric wires…so I’m looking reasonable way to re-use it. I’m also looking to re-use worn-out industrial plastic. I speak English and Russian freely..also Finnish is not a problem. I’m working as an electrician.

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20/02/2018 at 16:22

Hello there @lexuz and welcome!

We got some estonians here, @jegor-m with Precious Plastic Estonia.

As for recyling cable isolation;

If I understood it right there are 3 common types of plastic used for isolation in electric cables PVC, PUR and TPE.

TPE could be recycled
PUR can be recycled chemically
PVC (most common in cable isolation) is recyclable, but when heated PVC can produce dangerous fumes.

14/06/2019 at 15:10

We have finally (!) built one (1) fully working shredder, made from inox and blades are from HSS steel. We made it in our shop, parts were laser cut in a nearby city, in the bigger metal workshop. Meanwhile, I have been educating myself in plastics and recycling and I have gathered several raw materials that need to be recycled/reused. I have several tons of LDPE plastic film, PP plastic film, PET packing stripes pieces…and I’m trying to find a good use for all of that stuff. I have some full boxes of nice colorful bottlecaps – clean and unused. Looking for partners in Latvia at the moment and I joined also Scrapo plastic trading platform. Keep up the good work guys and if you need any raw materials for testing, let me know. See the pics of what I have to offer.

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