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Help New project Butte county Ca

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Elizabeth elizabethstone-hindman

Help New project Butte county Ca

08/08/2019 at 21:07

While I have known about precious plastic since version 1 I have recently come back to find version 4 and am ecstaticly looking forward to seeing how this community develops on a mass scale now.

My current goal is to get some community interest and reach out to others who have been able to not only build the machines but have also used them for useable/ sellable products.
My hope for my precious plastic center is to make things not to just sell but to donate back to the community. My county has over 20% poverty rate so I’m wondering what tools or items I could make for homeless or elderly? I also hope to get the schools involved in collection and want them to get something useful in return show them true upcyling, ideas?
My plan for gathering like minded people is to start at the recyology  center,  local business ,old high school science teachers,they created fully separated recycling for my school, and community river cleaning volunteers.

Here are some questions that I have
What are the resources you used in your first year? (not the download kit)
What is something that happened after you started that you were not expecting?
What was the biggest trial of getting started?
Could you tell me about your business model? Share a business plan?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for questions.

Thank you for taking the time to read

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