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Help wanted in recycling – Romania

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Kutas Tomy kutas04

Help wanted in recycling – Romania

11/04/2019 at 21:57

Hey people, I’m looking for some help (from Romania, and maybe East Hungary) in one of my project in recycling.

The plan: To make a network and shred a lot of plastic (i will need at the beginning just PET and HDPE), and this will be reused after by somebody else. If you leave in a village or working in a bar/shop or office and you can collect some clean plastic and you can also shred that, we are good 🙂
What you need: To have a shredder (if you don’t have I can help you with one), and of course some plastic, and maybe other friends who have other friends who have plastic 😀 We need, a lot, like 100kg-200kg/month, or maybe more. We will see how the project is working.
What I offer: if you don’t have a shredder I can help you with one. I can also pay for your plastic and time you spent to shred. I can guarantee that your plastic will be reused.

If you are from Romania or East Hungary, please send me a private message and let recycle. I gonna be fun 🙂

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12/04/2019 at 22:32

hy im from romania and im working at a waste company

06/08/2019 at 21:54

Hello Tomy,

I am interested for a shredder machine. Can you help me?
I am from Cluj – Napoca too so when you have time please write me or call me to talk a litle based on this topic.

Thank you!

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