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Hexagonal shredder shaft – shipping problem

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Petr Hlinka pe-trhlinka

Hexagonal shredder shaft – shipping problem

21/11/2017 at 12:20

I think this topic belong to this category, I hope that I´m right. Anyway I´m starting my PP journey with sourcing shredder parts, first thing I was able to get home is the hexagonal shredder shaft, when I saw prices people payed for those I was really surprised that it´s so expensive. I was able to get mine for 13€ and I want to help others to get theirs hex bars for the same price but I have huge problem – shipping 🙁 I was able to find those prices for shipping – inside Europe – 15€, outside Europe – 21€. These prices are horrible! But I could find cheaper shipping option, would somebody be able to help me please? The axle is manufactured according to PP blueprints. The package should weigh maximally 1,3 kg and the dimension will be around 33 x 4 x 4 cm. One way to lower the cost of shipping is to make a group order but I don´t know if anyone would be interested in this. I didn´t post my offer to bazar because I want to figure out the cheapes shipping option for each country first. If you want the shaft please write me a message and we could find cheapest shipping option for you together, it´s hard for me to research shipping rates when I don´t know where people would like me to ship the package. Thanks for any answers.

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