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Hi All !!~

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David Lam davidlam

Hi All !!~

14/01/2020 at 09:23

Hi All, i was new join….i’m David Lam, can short term say ‘David’ for Hi~
i focus green, eco and some sustainable develop(basically as my hobbies) and i works as engineer(electronic)

So that here focus plastic recycle (only maybe late can talk glass, metal, or other resource…etc). Others, i not well speaking and written, very less have sound, but i like engineer working, design, or somethings assemble.

Turns back,have a little time on search the forums but i don’t know why i can’t keeping post in both website topic…
1)Homes in Plastic – patodel82 01/02/2017 at 17:56
2)Plastic + Recycling + Architecture = Homes for all –  eduardomatheus  02/05/2017 at 08:06
i having both draft ideas, but i wants go to more fixable and everyone can got it easy, then i think really everyone can reduce the plastic wasted problem.

Tec… things ideas:
1) Plaster model board / Plaster cast
+2) Induction Heater/ Induction cooker

PS: Electronic (below 50V, and not much Ampere) is can hand made (DIY, fabrication PCB and buy component to assembly it…i around below 12V 2A, i don’t want any accident, because it’s homemade and in used)
Electrical i thing is more and more industry grade, you maybe having a good environment, tools and resource backup to supported. e.g cooker, build a car….etc
In my think plastic mold temperature take around 105~261 degree C
–> Plaster cast CaCO3 is much cheaper, fixable(re-used), green things
–> if Plaster cast can keeping around this temperature range non-reaction
–>Induction cooker is popular cooker/heater in home
–> metal can in used Coca, AL casing…etc, not necessary re-shape it, just as sheet/ box shape, or cut it as strip
ensure not any harmful gas exist.

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