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Hi everyone, want to start a Precious Plastic Vzla

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Yuliana Zambrano yulianaz

Hi everyone, want to start a Precious Plastic Vzla

17/09/2018 at 21:28

Hi we are yuliana Zambrano y Jose Salcedo a couple of engineering students from Venezuela. We were looking some ideas to iniciate recycling project, and we found precious plastic so we decided that it would we great to be part of the campaing.

we created a crowdfunding to collect some donatives, because here in venezuela its very difficult to find the parts to create the machines, so we cannot recycle them we have to buy them, and start the recycling process.


However we have started to work, we have collected a bunch of plastic bottles and we hope we can do something whit them soon.

Greetings to all, yuliana and jose.

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19/09/2018 at 02:55

Hello, if it’s a great idea, things can be separated by types and cut with scissors, We have separated the ones we have gathered, we would like to cut it right now we are looking to build the cutter. Thank you very much for your comment, happy day for you ñ-ñ

18/09/2018 at 05:32

hey you can tape labels to some bigger bottles and cut up some of the plastic with big scissors if you have any , I don’t know much about your country so I don’t know if shears or big scissors are easy to find. Well anyways Have a Lovely Day or Night if it’s night when your reading this.

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