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Hi from a solar thermal-based recycling project

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Danja Mewes solarotter

Hi from a solar thermal-based recycling project

17/11/2018 at 19:49

Hey everyone,
I met some of the community by dropping by Precious Plastics during the workshop this past Thursday in Eindhoven and presenting what my group has done with solar thermal and recycling as a lunch speaker. I wanted to introduce my project to the larger community here and offer inspiration and suggestions, connect with others working with methods for developing countries without the same uniform power access.

We were a group of students originally from Engineers Without Borders at KTH university in Stockholm who acquired a small grant to build solar parabolic devices for plastic waste – since many plastics melt under 200C, this is quite doable. We attended an academic conference last year in Egypt and the publication is still pending. There’s also info in my thesis I’d love to provide if you would find it interesting. The group has shrunk quite a bit now but there’s still a couple or us involved.

Everything we do is also open source, not meant for profit, so I came to this community in kindred spirit to share what we have learned, inspire others, and hopefully learn in order to improve our own devices. We have done a lot of academic research as part of our work and hopefully can chime in if there’s anything we’ve come across.

However, a more refined methodology to share with others looking into this is still in the works, and I hope to keep everyone updated and also collaborate with other low-tech solutions/hacks/etc. We’ve looked into shredders using common materials also (you can see on our Facebook page), as well as basic float tank separation of waste, and if anyone has experience with this I’d really like to hear from you! If you’d like to replicate the concept in your own country I can definitely guide you through it and answer questions (I’ll probably post later as another forum topic)

Futher, our end goal was to bring our solar project to an eco-village we partnered with in Bali for testing and denonstration (required for the grant, and also because we really want to!). If you live in Bali or have worked with Precious Plastics Bali, I’d really like to talk with you!

I heard about another solar recycling project that approached a company in Bali. They’re supposedly Dutch. If anyone knows who they are and can point me in their direction, it would be quite helpful!

For those of you in Eindhoven, thanks for meeting me and showing me around, you’re a lovely, motivated group and I think you’ll do some amazing stuff (I mean, you already are)!

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