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Hi from Bahrain

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Hi from Bahrain

11/01/2018 at 10:51

Hi everyone,

I am an expat who’s made Bahrain our home away from home. We love the people and this country so much for its hospitality and its progressive outlook. We would like to form a group that will keep this Island Nation Clean and Green. We usually go for impromtu beach clean ups .. now atleast we have options on what to do with the plastic waste. Thank you for sharing have a good day everyone.

Looking we have engineers and machinists in our group, just looking for a few more enthusiastic individuals that can keep this going.

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In reply to: Hi from Bahrain

22/01/2018 at 02:36

Welcome to Precious Plastic @trulyrichart
@ahmednassar lives nearby and apparently he already built a shredder, so he might be able to help you source one for your project.

Here I tag a few more members from Bahrain who might join your cause:


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