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Hi i'm Guillermo from Mexico

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Guillermo Trujillo memoso

Hi i'm Guillermo from Mexico

30/08/2017 at 16:20

My name is Guillermo im from Morelia Michoacan and im currently studing mecatronic engineering at the national tecnologic institute were i recently started a recycling proyect for 2 reasons
First: as the campus generate a lot of waste and most of it are plastic bottles, we shold do something to reduce this waste impact.
Second: I think recycle is a way to get super cheap material for future proyects, not only my proyects but every student proyect, since our school doesn’t always have the means some student need to develop their own proyects, this could give a lot of materials to thos students.
By now me and another 9 classmates are working in this proyect, at this moment we are working in really simple tasks to get money to start building our machines and in the researching process we found precious plastic and honestly it was just what we needed not just for the open source blue prints or the plastic separation guide, but for the motivation, so thanks you everybody for keep supporting this kind of proyects i know we all can make a huge change in the world, im gonna get you all at day with the advance in our proyect wich now has the name of Re-Pet
Thanks you all

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11/09/2017 at 10:30

Hey @memoso ! Great to see you starting the building process! If any questions occurr, feel free to ask! Also, I’m interested to see you progress, so it would be nice if you could share if you have got something new!

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