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Hi, I´m new here

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Christian Camino chrisroad

Hi, I´m new here

27/05/2019 at 19:37

My name is Christian and I’m from Mexico. I am really interested in carrying out a recycling and business project. My question is if is possible to carry it out using your machines. In Mexico its beginning to awaken awareness of recycling and the environment, in my case I would like to use it as a business opportunity. My plan is to develop a project and present it to the authorities in my country to get support and start it, but I dont want to misuse the initiative of this community and that is why I ask you if it is possible to do it using your patents and if they exist opportunity to contribute with you. My English is not very good, I hope this message is clear to you. Thank you

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In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

27/05/2019 at 20:20

Hi @chrisroad ,


The beauty of open source (under the MIT license) is it’s free to use, free to share, and you’re free to contribute, so go ahead and help ‘the cause’ any which way you can!

And if you can make a living doing so, good for you!


It is advised though to do some snooping around the forum, contact some community members in your community (if any) and keep in touch with the network to make sure all your information is accurate.


I’m sure others will also pitch in, but I’ll keep an eye on this topic, should you have any specific questions (or PM me if you’re not 100% how or what to ask)


And don’t worry about your English, it’s fine. For most of us it’s only our second (or third) language 🙂


In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

28/05/2019 at 17:34

Thank you for your prompt response and thank you for this opportunity to make use of your excellent ideas for recycling.


I briefly comment; Yesterday after writing in the forum a friend sent me a story that made me very happy. I live exactly in Mexico City and the governor of the city a couple of days ago unveiled an initiative in which it is planned that by the year 2024 Mexico City can reuse about 9 tons a day that are currently waste. With this he also said that they would support projects of large, medium and small companies that are focused on recycling. In these days I will begin to elaborate the project in writing to present it and request support from the government of my city, we are a team of three people so far.


It would be great to be able to contact other members of this community in my country and strengthen this project. How can I specifically contact other members in my country within the page?


Thanks for your attention

In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

28/05/2019 at 17:53


That’s good news ideed!

Like the universe is trying to tell you something 😉


Well, start by adding yourself to the Precious Plastic map .

From here zoom out to find people near you.

Not all off them will immediately respond, some are dormant, some will simply no longer be active, but if you send the people around you a friend request (in an ever widening circle), I’m sure you’ll meet the right person(s) somewhere.

Especially if you have an active topic (like this one) in which you further intoduce yourself (hint: adding some photos really works, as they are also shown in your profile(!)).


There is no magic involved, just reach out.

Everybody on the map is, or was at some time, interested in recycling plastic, so you are amongst friends here!



In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

10/06/2019 at 19:55

Hello again…

It has already been a while since I wrote and it is because of work and personal reasons that it was difficult for me to move forward with the project.

I would like to tell you a little about what has been done lately and ask you an important question.


Earlier I mentioned that we are a group of three people who are carrying out this project in Mexico. In the last weeks we began to develop in writing the general structure to be able to present it. We were also fortunate to find a workshop for entrepreneurs that we will take on June 23, this workshop is oriented to new business projects in the cultural, social and environmental areas. In Mexico there is a term that is known as “lost funds” and deals with financial aid to various projects by the government and private initiative with the peculiarity that the money that is allocated is not like a credit that must be paid later, in this case is more like a donation in good faith.


I briefly tell you the profile of those who make up the team: The first is a great friend and his profession is a metallurgical chemist who currently works as a consultant in quality processes for companies so his knowledge will greatly help the realization of the objectives. The second member is also a good friend who specializes in the development of software and apps as well as being a committed person with great values. I am a simple audiovisual editor with great concern for the environment and willing to collaborate with you and with the recycling community that you have formed.


To form this project and present it to the authorities of my city it is necessary to name it as well as create an image, and this is where the question I want to ask you comes from: should we use the name of Precious Plastic? One of our main objectives is to do things the right way and considering that for this project we are making use of your machines and your knowledge, we want to guide us by what you tell us to proceed in that way.


Part of our plan is to let you know our progress every week if it seems like a good idea for you.

I hope I have written this message well and also thank you for your attention and patience.

In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

10/06/2019 at 20:10

Hello @chrisroad,

As I understand it’s not a problem to use the name Precious Plastic, as long as you adhere to it’s principles and also link back to the ‘official’ site.

There however already seems to be a Precious Plastic Mexico, both on the Forum as on the interweb .
Might be wise to contact them (if you have not already), or to start using a more region specific name.


Keep us informed of your progress!
I’ll let you know when I find any additional information that might be useful to you.

In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

10/06/2019 at 20:19

using the name is indeed not a problem; but in the long and especially in terms of administration, infrastructure & brand recognition it’s better to use something else, more fitted for the spanish speaking audience. if you need a copy of precious-plastic.org (multi-linugual) let me know; we can create a clone for you under any domain name you like (for near free).

In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

20/06/2019 at 17:58

Thanks for the reply … An apology for writing to this day. A few days ago Donald suggested me to contact Precius Plastic here in Mexico, I wrote to them but I have not had an answer yet. For our project it will be necessary to create a name to register it and be able to compete for funds. It would be great to have the copy of precious-plastic.org (multi-linugual). About the creation of domain we are interested in doing it and the costs that implies we are willing to cover them.

Also on this occasion sadly I did not have the opportunity to make great advances because I had a lot of work but we had a small inconvenience; for the elaboration of the pieces of the shredder machine we have not been able to find who can perform them with precision, so I would like to ask you a question … Is there the possibility of acquiring the pieces for the construction of the machine with you? If possible, we are willing to cover all expenses.

Despite these complications, we have not lost enthusiasm and continue with the firm conviction of carrying out this project. We continue planning and next June 23 we will take the workshop to request funds and move forward.

In reply to: Hi, I´m new here

20/06/2019 at 18:53

welcome on board; can you PM me your email ? cloning pp.org from template will be possible officially for anyone next weeks; For now we have only 2 options: sending you a copy of the database together with the files but needs setup work by an admin or as you like, for a little fee we set it up all for you (via email).

I am not sure the problems about the shredder or sourcing parts is about us but anyways, we lost a big branch of our PP activities and network but evtl. we can help you in Sept.; in hope we can reboot all.

see you in a bit 🙂

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