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Hi! Witam tu Marcin, from Poland :)

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Marcin polaski

Hi! Witam tu Marcin, from Poland :)

20/11/2017 at 22:28

Hello, I’m Marcin. I live in Wiadrowo, small town (400pplz) in middle of Poland.
I’m actually engineering student and after next 3 months I will defend my Engineer title 😛

The plastic extrusion machine is on the way in my garage. I’m really happy that people around me are helping me a lot. I’m starting w/o any cash support, because i had scholarship from my university for 2 years.
And yes, I’m studying electronics and telecommunication.

btw. Im starting to regret my decision about being recycler in Poland T_T. Heheheh the best joke if i go to jail for this xD Sorry for my Polish English

Trust me I’m an engineer!

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24/11/2017 at 23:31

Hi jail? I didn’t catch the point.
No shredder? You start direct by extrusion..
Courage for you Diplom…
Have a good evening

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