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High end machines (or 'alternatives') ?


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High end machines (or 'alternatives') ?

08/05/2019 at 22:46

we’re trying to compile a list of machines for the bigger pocket (fablabs, startups).

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start; after dozen of hours on Alibaba I am still in the dark.

The upper price range / budget limits per machine seem to be:
extruder : 10000 (more interesting to our user base), mostly for filament and higher volume just
shredder: 5000 ( same interesting)
full-automatic – injection, 10000

there are also lots of other devices / machines: dryer,hopper, feeder but those are relative cheap, compared.

If anyone knows or spotted such things for Europe, that would be a good start to extend our library for ‘alternatives’.

Pointing to second hand markets / auctions isn’t really an option. We’d prefer to find a brand we could purchase and build upon our self, sometime 🙂

thanks a lot,

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09/05/2019 at 01:51

About shredder and other recycling equipment:
Adler Buzzi: http://www.adlerbuzzi.it/index_en.php
Munchy: https://www.bostonmatthews.com/munchy
Roberto Frassineti: [email protected]
Let me think of others…

10/05/2019 at 01:17

@maccabot, nice catch! thanks so much; i started mailing. The others, extrusion seem really difficult to find in Europe, at least in this price range.

10/05/2019 at 01:48

thanks! 😄
The same contacts are valid also for extruders.
check in with them and if you do not find what you are looking for, get back to me, we will figure out how to make it happend.
feel free to give me some “numbers”

01/06/2019 at 01:03

Hi, There are many European equipment manufactures but they would be really expensive if not used for a commercial purpose.
The following is a “SHORT” list of very good equipment manufacturers

Injection Molding machines (Starting from 200K €)

Engel (Austrian)
Netstal (Swiss)
Arburg (Germany)
Ferromatic (Germany)
Husky (Canada)
Nissi (Japan)
Toyo (Japan)
Boy (Germany)
Sumitomo (Japan)
Haitain (China)
Stork (Niederland)
kraussmaffei (Germany)

Extruder (Starting from 100K €)

Coprion (Germany)
leistritz (Germany)
kraussmaffei (Germany)
JWS (Japan)
BREYER (Germany)
Brabender (Germany)
Erema (Germany)

Apparently you can buy used injection molding machines off ebay(I am surprised as any one else). here are a few links to used machines to have an idea.




I hope that helped.

01/06/2019 at 01:30

that helps a lot; yeah, ack, it’s insane expensive; we’re currently looking at the idea to refurbish second hand machines just, just to stay in the 5-20k frame and we gpt quite lucky here in Catalonia; there’s plenty of them. traders told us that they booked their biggest losses with plastic machinery.

thanks man, great list.

01/06/2019 at 06:36

There’s a very big market for used industrial machines.

Just do a search for “used industrial machines” or “industrial machines auction” in Google, and they even neatly list those nearby.


Especially the auctions are the place you want to be/keep an eye on.

If nobody else is bidding (so don’t tell anyone 😉 ), you can often get machines at scrap metal prices.

01/06/2019 at 11:03

The list of injection molding machines and extruders here above is for manufacturing equipment (If you do not take it personally, I’m going to provide a fix to it as there are some mistakes and a lot is missing)
in our case however, we are in the world of recycling, a nochr of recycling I would say…
the need is a bit different…
there are some dedicated machines for this purpose.
i must also add that recycling could mean 3 things:
– different way to use the equipment (most of time, machines are exposed to brutal use and machines for this purpose, may be over robust, but not necessarely because other criterias, see below, may take prefominance).
– different process (recycling is an integration of functions and most of the times it needs selection, washing, etc. machines for recycling may integrate extra functions)
– price (be aware…. saving money may be VERY DANGEROUS, you may end up with HEAVY chunks of useless metal crap…)

for those who needs it I know People here and there selling machines they do not need anymore for few k€…
they work and I think they can even show them working, they may need some work around, but are industrial grade…
feel free to contact me if you need something like the attached…

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