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Hola from Pontevedra, Galicia in Spain

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Jimi Blesgraaf jims

Hola from Pontevedra, Galicia in Spain

07/11/2018 at 00:02

I just want to put a short message to see who is interested in creating the precious plastic machines or work together in any other way to do something about the worldwide problem of plastic pollution. I am from the Netherlands and I moved since a couple of weeks to Pontevedra, I want to go all-in on this project and build the machines and collaborate with everyone who is interested. The ocean is so important for this region and for the Galician culture

I want to show this to the people of Galicia because recycling is not a big item in here and in the rest of Spain. I expect the shredder to be finished before the end of this year and I am thinking about buying the extrusion machine from OpoLab, also I got a new friend in Rianxo who has almost finished the injector. So progress is being made, if you are interested in any way, also when you got an other idea without using the machines send me a message and we will create a team

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26/11/2018 at 09:02

Hello Jim.
Im looking for people to create a team in this area.
My first trouble is how to find pieces to build machines and maps. Ive been watching viedos a toturials, but the way i want to contact with Spanis people to know about how much plastic i could process in relation with dimension machines (trial and error) and where to find machine-pieces for building .
I need to contact with people into my area too beause i have a little problem with english languaje (technicism). This way i hope to find spanish people talkers into this comunity to teach me how to build the machines i need to start my ideas.
Which area in Pontevedra are you locating nowadays?

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