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Home Trials (and errors)

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Verena Lindra verenal

Home Trials (and errors)

21/07/2018 at 14:19

Hey everyone,
Recently, our local newspaper printed an article about waste issue that has been going on in my home country, Indonesia. Even with the governments’ program, there are still tons and tons of trash produced each day. So I thought, how can I personally help solve this problem. AND THEN, I found Precious Plastic. You have no idea how excited I got. This amazing community, and Dave, is very special to me eventhough I’ve just been here less than a week, so of course I had to start right away. Not only this could be a potential business, but also help save the environment AND provide jobs for people. But that’s a long shot, still a learning newbie trying to figure out stuff now. Long story short, here are some of the things I’ve attempted to use and make.

Materials : HDPE, LDPE

Problems and questions :
– Smoking band heater only after 2 runs, then it died. Overheated perhaps ?
– Sometimes, my dough was hard to mould when I used a conventional oven at 220 C. Why is that ?
– Raw material collections (plastic bottles still have a price here, even for a very small amount.) Strategies ? I don’t mind buying them off of trash collectors, but I would like to avoid stepping on some ‘parties’ toes.
– How do I approach businesses into being responsible about their waste ?

P.S : Everything was pressed manually by man-power, using 2 overlapping things.

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18/08/2018 at 18:37

Hi there, pretty nice products that you made, we are using quite the same molding technique. Yesterday I tried for the first time to melt hdpe and i noticed that it would keep its original shape more than pp, how long do you bake the plastic? For the business part, maybe you can create a product or art for the business so it would be a win win situation. For example making a coaster for a restaurant from their own plastic. About the buying the plastic question I would like to encourage you to collect the plastic instead of buying it, I think that the precious plastic community is the perfect example that shows the good will and the effort of people to help.

30/08/2018 at 07:12

Hi @jims, thank you.
I tried 40min, and kept it in the oven longer if they don’t come out satisfactory, which led to burnt colorations in some parts. The LDPE shopping bags always come out faster and nicer. Anyways, about approaching businesses, that’s a great idea. Thanks! We’re trying to figure out the designs and recycle paper for the packaging if we want to sell. Of course, I mean we’ve been trying to collect materials and encourage ppl to join the cause while setting up a ‘waste collection’ events. I just don’t want to fight with some mugglers/mafia because they think I’m taking their input and decreasing their income from used bottles (we have those kind of ppl here *sigh). BUT, it’s an ongoing process, so I’m sure we’ll find a way to keep everyone happy. Thanks so much for checking out my post and replying. Have a great day!

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