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how high is the energy demand?


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Harald Rettich haraldrettich

how high is the energy demand?

19/03/2019 at 11:23

Hello @all,

does any body know how much energy is needed for shredding and melting?
How do you get or produce the energy for it?


many greetings from potsdam

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19/03/2019 at 11:40

shredding, depends on the quality and efficiency of the motor and gearbox, but its between 1-2 Kw for the lower segment, 2-3.5 Kw for stronger motors.

melting, the standard for extrusion and injection use around 4x heatbands at  160 – 250 Watts, some use strong ones. and the motor requires around 1-3 Kw, depends on the kind of objects: beams, etc…

I am not sure about your other question (energy is taking usually from that magic plug in the wall 🙂

greets from a Dresdner


19/03/2019 at 11:50

thanks that helps fo now.

The second question is more a question about the ecological balance of recycling plastik in this way. Does it make sense to reuse plastik, when we consume a huge amount of energy while we recycle

19/03/2019 at 12:06

i forgot to add the motor power for the extrusion so I updated the post for the missing 1-3 Kw to extrude.

the sustainability or ecological factor of this machines is a very controversy issue, see comments about PP on youtube and hackernews… to me it’s more about getting people started working on the issue itself. I see PP rather as an entry or inspiration, I know some who switch to more efficient machines/tools which are more suited to their product/project.

currently, there are developments to lower the energy demand but you’re right, recycling comes with a hefty penalty for the environment, just put the numbers in any of those greenhouse calculators on the net, it’s rather shocking what a kg of plastic takes to recycle.

for now I can just hope for better machines 🙂

19/03/2019 at 12:11

so yes, there 2 camps here, those who want to recycle just as much as possible, and those who turn smaller amounts into something ‘precious’, artful, useful .. i can’t tell the difference per se

19/03/2019 at 12:22

Thank you very much. I was afraid of that. So try to go green on the way to energy production

20/03/2019 at 00:08

using pre-industrial tools, ie a large water wheel mill could shred lots of stuff, possibly also the energy for everything else. say 8m diameter, 2 m wide or so may work. in the mountains you have plenty of that 🙂

27/03/2019 at 12:30

here some more reference numbers : https://davehakkens.nl/community/forums/topic/solar-powered-precious-plastic-container/, pretty much the same.

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