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How much electricity is consumed monthly?

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Laura nobo

How much electricity is consumed monthly?

21/05/2019 at 21:54

Hi all!

We are very excited to start a plastic recycling workspace in the Dutch Caribbean.


We have one specific question. On average how much electricity is needed monthly to run a recycling workspace? We know there are a huge amount of variables and there is no ‘specific answer’, but it would be great to get a general ball park for our cost calculation.

Look forward to hearing from you guys!


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22/05/2019 at 00:50

you can find details via forum search, more or less if you go for all:

shredder : min. 2Kw, better 3, or 4 (standard)
extrusion : 4x 200 Watt heatbands, 1-2 Kw motor (you can use the one from the shredder to run this as well)
injection : 4×200-300 Watt heatbands
compression : no idea, depends on your oven

now you would have to look for ‘kg per hour’ for each machine. there are some docs about somewhere buried deep in the forum but as far I can remember, it’s about 5-10 KG per hour on the shredder, much less on the injection which needs to be warmed up for quite some time like the oven.

however, you can run it via solar, a standard array of 11 panels should give you 380V (the motors will be happy about), the motor’s VFD can be connected to the panels almost directly, you just need a ‘bridge rectifier’, for the heatbands you need a 800 Euro device, let me find it if you want.

@eindhoven, @mod, this should be on the site, since long. that’s the 50’s person asking such things, so we answer; again, for you 🙂  I will put this now for once and all in the library; thanks.

22/05/2019 at 14:55

Thank you for your answer!

I’d love to receive some monthly figures from people already recycling.

22/05/2019 at 15:08

you shouldn’t rely on such numbers, some make beatiful pots, work a few days and the rest is R&D whilst others extrude and shred 27/4 ..
but as ball park figure, count on more in the first months, 100 – 200 Euro the month

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