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How to get 4 machines for 800€???

Plástico à Vista plasticoavistaproject

How to get 4 machines for 800€???

21/11/2018 at 20:16

Hello guys.

We are a community-based project in Portugal called Plástico à Vista!

Our aim is to create awareness about plastic pollution in the river Tejo and the Atlantic Ocean and we just got 800€ through an application to get 4 machines to transform plastic waste into useful objects.

But 800€ is nothing right?!! We realize this now, but at the time we just looked up how much it costs on the precious plastic website to build a machine and it is written from 100€ to 200€ each machine….so this is what we asked for.

Obviously, we did not watch enough tutorials on how to build your own when we asked for only 800€…and we feel very stupid about this….but we still want to make this project work so, can someone give us some good tips on how to get 4 machines for 200€ each? (ideally a shredder, a compressor, and extrusion and an injection)

We do not own any tools for metal work or have any building experience…

please help! THANKS

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