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How to Improve Conversion Rate with Re-Targeting


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How to Improve Conversion Rate with Re-Targeting

30/03/2020 at 07:37

What is retargeting?In e-commerce, retargeting is an advertising technique that targets Internet users who have visited a site, but who have not finalized the purchase, and who have therefore not been converted. It could be, for example, a visitor who has filled his basket and who has left the site before proceeding to payment.With retargeting, you get the browsing data of your visitors, so that you can then offer them targeted advertising when they visit other sites.This process therefore makes it possible to recover potential buyers and bring them back to your site, in order to convert them . It thus responds to the problem of the conversion rate by digital agencies redleos.com, often very low on e-commerce sites, where 98% of visitors leave the site before the act of purchase.How does retargeting work?There are several ways to set up a retargeting campaign. You can use your Google Adwords account , use a specialized service provider ( Critéo , Adroll, Zanox, etc.), or even use social networks like Facebook.With Google Adwords, your retargeting ads may appear on sites that are part of the Google Display network. They will also be visible by the search , that is to say when visitors search for keywords related to your site.On Facebook, retargeting makes it possible to broadcast personalized advertisements to offer products that have already been viewed, or even to promote an additional page to your site.Why use retargeting?The main advantage of retargeting is that it allows your ads to be shown only to people who have visited your site. The audience is therefore very qualified and of high quality. So, whether you have chosen CPC or CPM pricing, the ROI is much more interesting than with the traditional display.The click rate observed on retargeting banners is often higher than that of conventional display. According to Google, the click-through rates of retargeting are between 0.15 and 0.22%, unlike the classic display where it rarely exceeds 0.08%

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