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how to make it profitable ?

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Séguin Léa lseguin

how to make it profitable ?

05/06/2019 at 17:31

hi everyone!
question can be naive or subsidiary but… I want to join the community with my lover and the big question is: if we stop everything and spend most of our time for this project, how to get a minimum wage? how to live drop that project? you are an association in the community, not a business? you are helped by subsidies? and what about the sale of objects ? to create jobs for social inclusion ?

thxxx 🙂

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05/06/2019 at 17:41

Hi @lseguin


Well, it will all depend on your location and environment.

Lucky for you there is also an active dedicated French community on Discord:


Which could probably help you way better than the global community platform.


But in general:

There is no such thing as an guaranteed income, not by PP, not by any activity, but it helps to be passionate and find the right niche.

There are some ‘best practices’ to be found on the forum, and I’ll be happy to help you find them, but in the end it will all be up to you.

What is YOUR passion.

Does Precious Plastic fit?

Go for it!

05/06/2019 at 18:07

i can’t speak for the plastic coming out of the machines; there is often consensus about virgin plastic not being a business model.

however, that does create revenue :
– build machines, not just for PP but also for the industry (big invest)
– educational activities, often relies time limited programs, also mobile workshops seem to do well

05/06/2019 at 18:48

If i’d have the chance to start all over again, I know this would work :

– a complete educational recycling kit, doesn’t need to be big; desktop format, for below 5000 Euro in total (hard to do)
– provide complete support coverage, in many languages, help desk, everything
– sell the whole thing on the public market, ie: ebay
– target gov. budgets, there is often lots of money thrown at anything with ‘plastic recycling’  on it

more or less, invest is around 20 – 30 K to get a production workshop up and running, another 20K for certificates, website, licenses, branding etc..

not sure how long the ‘boom’ will be there, but it seems for quite some time

05/06/2019 at 19:15

to get more inspiration about objects, please checkout Precious Plastic on instagram. You may notice that people combine the virgin plastic with other materials, turning it into something useful. That can be cheap to do, all you need left is a good portion of networking work, like many artists, you can be good but nobody buys it. I consider the last part the invisible 80% overhead in top of production.

As @donald said it right, one needs to be really patient, budget btw. is also not a big problem since you have to grow up from within this new handcraft. For building machines on the other end, passion isn’t really enough, i tell my self every evening looking down in the ‘ready – to – send’ shelf, “you must be f** crazy” (i guess, i am nonetheless);

anyhow, with 2-4 months training every after noon, messing round with the material, connecting with the locals, etc… partner products, etc… there should be something coming your way; usually, if you love what you’re doing and it’s good, money often comes to you (saying this with a slice of western european ignorance)

05/06/2019 at 20:51

shall we get this into a FAQ, seems a frequent question, not just here ?

05/06/2019 at 22:53

Do you have ties to education, government, or NGOs to get grant/contract/subsidy income? Do you have one or more outstanding products already designed or in your head that you can sell enough of to have sufficient income? Do you understand the limited production capability of the PP machines and do they produce enough product for you? Are you independently wealthy?

If these are not true, consider this a hobby.

Yes, I think since a model business plan does not exist, at least a checklist/questionnaire in a FAQ would be a start

05/06/2019 at 23:25

@s2019 is right about this; without good friends, background or skills it is really hard – but awesome thing to do (even though having it, it’s kinda pretty hard to me), one – off stuff is great too but somehow, you have to stay ahead, all the time.

05/06/2019 at 23:50

if you could build ‘PP academy’, online with all the neat things as YT live broadcasts, count on us, being customer forever 🙂

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