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hydroponic system

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hydroponic system

16/05/2017 at 14:24

We work in the Institute of Design in Kielce, Poland. We are opening this topic to share the information about the hydroponic system we have designed. The system will consist of a shredder and an extruder for a 3D printer which will convert the milled plastic into a 3D printing filament. The project of mobile containers for hydroponic cultivation, and the plan of construction of an extruder processing waste plastic into filament will be available for everybody. Our idea is to turn waste into green crops!
Hydroponic containers were designed by Eva, the mill and the extruder will be made by Paweł and Janusz from FabLab Kielce. Now, we test prints and grow the plants. Soon we will start building the extruder, than we will show more pictures and movies. Cheer for us!

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18/05/2017 at 10:24

Wow, Hello from Colombia, I hope that everything works out perfectly and that all the planes that have are fulfilled, I intend to take this project as my thesis of degree, adding many other things clear, I will be waiting to see more images of your project.


I’m sorry for my language but I don’t speak very good english. Even so I understand a lot.

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19/05/2017 at 13:39

Hey, we are very curious about your project! Is it also involved in the production of containers for hydroponics? Share photos with us! Greetings from Poland!! 🙂

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