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I got a lot of school chairs with desks…

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Zeke Clark zekeclark

I got a lot of school chairs with desks…

08/06/2019 at 23:30


I have around 30-40 of these chairs with a desk attached to them that were taken out of a local school because they got new ones. These were supposed to be thrown away, but my grandpa saved them and I was trying to find someone that could use these. I’ve attached a like here with pictures of what the chairs look like. (I tried to upload the pictures on the website, but it never worked) They are currently dirty because they are stored in a barn, but I don’t have a problem with cleaning them before sending them out. I didn’t know if anyone on here would know a place that could use these. I can get an official count on how many we have if someone is interested!

Located in Church Hill, Tennessee.

(This is my first time posting on this forum so hopefully, i’m following the guidelines. <3)

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08/06/2019 at 23:40

That is a good thought. Maybe add which part of the country they are in. I’m surprised the upload image didn’t work.

09/06/2019 at 00:01

I added it to the post! Thank you!

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