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I need an opinion on a quote I received to build

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Michael Burdge michaeljburdge

I need an opinion on a quote I received to build

24/08/2018 at 04:43

I have a quote and design for the machines and I need someones opinion on whether or not the price is fair and the designs look good.

Here are the designs:




Here is the quote:



1 Injection machine

size: W830 x H1830

Control box 220 VAC included temperature sensor …




1 Compression machine

size: W590 x H1590

Control box 220 VAC included temperature sensor …



1 Extrusion machine

size: L1017 x W500 x H1115

Control box 220 VAC included temperature sensor, Worm Gearmotor …





How does this sound to you?



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24/08/2018 at 08:21

that’s way out of what it worth.
we’re currently only charging min. labor, and of course the materials. nowhere is full list of materials but it seems to be made out of gold.

extrusion: shouldn’t cost more than 700 – 800 Euro, the screw alone could cost 500 but all the other things not more than 300, assuming you bought the screw: 1 day work

injection: is a stupid simple machine, materials are max. 200 Euro, we sell it for 300. 1 days work.

compression: is even more stupid and simple, materials: 150, one day of work

so, to me its extreme overpriced for what it is. please find another provider/shop!


24/08/2018 at 12:17

Hi Michael It really depends about how things are sourced and the labour involved. In Australia that price is cheap if it is in australian Dollars. One thing you can do Is source the parts yourself and then have someone put it together for you. This is the cheapest way to go about it if you dont have the skills,space or tools to make these yourself. By buying the parts yourself you can control the costs and then you can negotiate the labour cost.
Good Luck!

25/08/2018 at 07:14

Hi Michael

I Am A Machine Manufacturer From Pune, India.

Our Prices Is As Follows

Extrusion Machine- 1160 Euro.

Injection Machine – 425 Euro.

Compression Machine -725 Euro.

Subtotal  2310 Euro.

If You Interested Message Me

Or https://bazar.preciousplastic.com/en/garry2017
Follows The Above Link To get All Product Details.

25/08/2018 at 08:47

@garry2017 : you have a picture or more detailed parts list for your extrusion ? I’d love to know how come to 1176 Euro 🙂

25/08/2018 at 09:09

I am just backing up what plastikfantastik said :

without labor, materials only :

all new parts :
extrusion screw (industrial) : 250 – 600 Euro, you don’t need it for hobbyist use, otherwise wood drill : 20 Euro
other extrusions electronics : 120 Euro (heat bands, SSR, PID, wires, switch)
extrusion barrel : 21 – 40 Euro
extrusion mounts/supports : 20 Euro
hopper: 8 Euro
frame: 40 Euro
motor & reducer : 220 Euro
inverter/speed regulator: 60 Euro

electronics : 120 Euro (same as extrusion)
frame & barrel : 100 Euro (at max.)

200 Euro tops, more 100 Euro if you take an oven from the scrap yard

however, this is then rather lower end quality but it’s ok as long you don’t wanna start a revolution or change the planet with that stuff 😉 If want to get serious, it’s easy : don’t take PP machines but buy rather real second hand machines from the industry : 10K for the extrusion, 14k for the shredder, 8K for the injection (last time i checked)


25/08/2018 at 09:34

Hi Anne

Your Price Is For Parts Are Not Same In India.

But We SS 304 Barrel For Extrusion Screw. Screw Is Made With En 41 B Nitrating Steel For Hardness & Tempering For Wear Resistance.

Our Screw Cost Us 350 Euro.& SS 304 Barrel Cost Us 100 Euro.
Other Motor & Gear Box Is Around 300 Euro.
Variable Speed Drive Is 180 Euro.
Other Work like Frame, Hopper.60 Euro
Reaming Are Labor Charges Are 270 Euro.

& This Is A Semi Industrial Machine.

25/08/2018 at 09:37

& We Are Also Working On Reducing the Price Of All Machine.

25/08/2018 at 11:07

@garry2017 thanks for your info, from what i see it’s more or less the same (labor=at volunteer prices = black). We purchase most electronics from China/AliExpress. I am surprised to see you pay 180 Euro for a low power VFD. On AliExpress it’s rather around 60 for 1-2Hp drives.The screw: yeah, we do them our self, and ends somewhere around 300 Euro. Better screws on AliExpress start around 500,- but those are rather intended for professional use. Those for 300 are just good enough to run long-term on small scale stuff (not 24-7).

@davehakkens,what a pity we still don’t have an extendable machine/parts/service directory to actually being able to build a network on top. i think any knowledge database system from the open-source market will do that good enough. g

25/08/2018 at 11:43

@anne-barbier thanks for the feedback. I am in Vietnam and new to this so it is tough for me to say what is fair or not. But if it is expensive by European standards then it is probably way over priced for Vietnamese standards.

@plastikfantastik buy parts and labor separately makes sense. Is there a link you can send me to a complete parts list?

@garry2017 Are you willing to fly to Saigon and build for me?!

I wasn’t given a parts list so I can’t really tell what his pricing breakdown is…maybe I can ask?


We are willing to pay a bit more to let someone handle the production from start to finish, I just don’t want us getting completely ripped off. We are a non-profit trying to get this done for a wealthy donor who wants to donate the machine to a school or small village. I will probably negotiate the builder into teaching people how to use it as well.

25/08/2018 at 15:11

michaeljburdge, in your case i’d visit industrial areas, watch for
out for smaller workshops, they usually have a lathe & mill (not even CNC) and do mainly metal or machine maintenance. they usually know where to get the motor/reducers, and all you need after material is a small welder, drill-press and an angle-grinder (200-300 Euro in total). you will see pretty quick how it works, it doesn’t require long learning or such. Just a couple of youtube videos and you are set. At the end it’s rather an assembly of expensive stuff, it doesn’t even have to be that precise. That way you can save the lion part, labor but you of course need plenty of time. it can take up to 2-3 months of 2-3 hour sessions. You could do it also all in week full-time. Also, the sooner you get your hands dirty, the more flexible and ready your are about what comes after : doing molds, experiments, etc…
as you see in the PP kit, it’s all standard tubes, nothing special. the only special things are : drive shaft (1 hour at the lathe = 25 E at a workshop), the couplings (2-3 hours on a smaller CNC = 50 Euros, or new : 100 Euro).

However, you won’t regret the investment for the power tools (welder, drill, angle grinder), promised !


25/08/2018 at 20:28

In the US from a professional shop those numbers sound close to reasonable.

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