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Ideas for the modules

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Daniel Tran danieltran

Ideas for the modules

13/12/2016 at 08:58

I have some ideas that would be great for the modules:
– A small moniter which can be customize to show things such as notifications, weather, time, compass…
– A fingerprint scanner
– An input for wireless-charger.
– A addition RAM for better performance
– A ring holder which serves as a holder and a stand or a kickstand.
– A flash light for flash photographing and a flashlight.
– (Maybe) a night vision camera.
– A memory card reader.
– Making a screen as a big module for easy replacement if the screen is broken or for the need of higher resolution quality.
After hearing from some sources on the internet that project ARA is cancelled, I was really upset. I’m really hope your project will be released and become a big success.

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